About us

We are a transportation and logistics company. We have been operating on the Polish and European market since 2011. You can find the biggest domestic and foreign manufacturers among our clients. We not only dare to face tough challenges, but we also have experience in dealing with demanding orders.

We transport goods for paper, automotive, household products, electronics, gardening and food industries. We pay special attention to our customers’ needs, timely and reliable deliveries. As a result, the number of satisfied customers and orders for LSG is on the increase year by year.

We have a reliable, full of energy and motivated team. We stay in touch with our customers and we take care of the entrusted goods and shipping 24/7. We overlook the entire shipping process and consequently we deliver all loads safely and on time.

How does LSG cooperate with clients?

We possess a diversified and modern fleet

equipped with GPS monitoring system

We offer express pickups

in cities and countries where our partners are located

We are available to our clients

24hours per day, 7 days per week

We offer full service

in Polish, English and German

We cooperate

with experienced and reliable carriers

We report

freight status on an ongoing basis

We respond

to inquiries within 4-6 minutes