Joloda is an automatic loading/unloading system which is best for long and heavy pallets, paper reels and unusual machines

The system contains rolling skates that run in four special sunken tracks in the cabin floor. Thanks to the Joloda system the driver elevates the load above the trailer’s surface and rolls it in or out of the truck.

In LSG we have Joloda trailers, produced by a renown German company Schmitz Cargobull, in its Light version (trailer’s weight is just 6690kg) which is equipped with a reinforced floor, lashing belts 500daN, plastic edge protectors and anti-slip mats. All our Joloda trailers are up to 3 years old.

Joloda system benefits:

Possibility of one element/pallet load

up to 8 tonnes

It shortens the loading/unloading time

on average around 30%

It provides maximum space utilisation

in places where side unloading is impossible

It minimizes product damage

during loading or unloading